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Here you can see some pictures about the Christmas tree we did in teams.
This is the tree that we showed at the entrance of school. Do you like it?

Can you see everybody after doing the tree? Do you think they feel happy?


ACTIVITY 1: A postcard with a SILVER TREE

Step 1:Christmas 2011 011.jpg Cut some pieces of silver paper and roll them .

Step 2 :
Christmas 2011 004.jpgWith the silver rolls, try to do some branches, like a tree.

Step 3:
Christmas 2011 014.jpgCut some leaves made of special white onion paper and stick them at the top of the tree.

Step 4:
Christmas 2011 009.jpgMake some decorations with glue ( like a snake).

Step 5:
Christmas 2011 016.jpg Throw some purpurine on the glue and wait until it gets dry.